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129 Live TV Channels can be access via Airtel Xstream Premium Now on Web

By on June 19, 2021 2

Airtel Xstream Premium is an OTT (Over The Top) platform developed by Bharti Airtel and is available in the market for subscribers choosing the Airtel Xstream services. There are many ways to avail an Airtel Xstream Premium subscription. you’ll buy the telco’s Airtel Xstream Fiber Plan, or any of its post-paid plans, or DTH services. there’s also the choice of buying the Airtel Xstream Box.

But you’ll see live TV without an setup box also the sole way you’ll do this is by using using the Airtel Xstream Premium platform. Where you don’t only get OTT content, but even be ready to see live TV.
Stream Channels From Web.

The Airtel Xstream Premium’s content are often accessed in two ways. One you’ll log in to the mobile app otherwise you can log in through the online . For logging in, you would like to possess variety registered with Airtel Xstream Premium benefit.

You’ll also access live TV through the online and therefore the mobile app. One among the main issues with the online version of Airtel Xstream Premium is that you simply cannot access an equivalent number of live TV channels as you’re ready to do with the mobile app.

More Channels Made Accessible Through Web Now But, Airtel has heard the plea of its customers trying to access the content of live TV through the online in their desktops and laptops.

The telco has increased the amount of channels you’ll access through the online version of Airtel Xstream Premium. The present count of numbers which you’ll access from the online version has been raised to 129 channels now. Earlier, the amount of Live TV Channels Airtel Xstream Premium offered was but 100.

380 Live TV Channels within the App

But coming to the Airtel Xstream Premium mobile app, you’ll stream more live TV channels through them. Airtel Xstream Premium is offering 380 live TV channels. you’ll be ready to access all the channels of colours , HBO, CNN, News18, Cartoon, Pogo, and lots of more. Airtel is further getting to increase the amount of live TV channels its users can gain access to both within the web version of and app of Airtel Xstream Premium.

No Web Support From JioTV

JioTV is one among the most important apps for live TV content in India. The JioTV app offers an almost double amount of live TV channels than the Airtel Xstream Premium. Right now, the Airtel Xstream Premium offers 380 live TV channels and JioTV offers 688 channels. But at an equivalent time, JioTV doesn’t offer web support. So Airtel takes the lead here. it’ll be interesting to ascertain if JioTV comes out with an internet support version for JioTV or not.

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