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From Comedy to Controversy: The Meteoric Rise of Elvish Yadav – India’s Influential YouTuber and Vlogger

by on August 6, 2023 0

Elvish Yadav, an Indian YouTuber and social media influencer, has soared to fame and amassed a massive following, thanks to his humorous and comedic videos on YouTube. The creator of the popular vlog channel, “Elvish Yadav Vlogs,” he shares glimpses of his private life with his dedicated fans. One notable moment in Elvish’s journey...

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Read the 10 most expensive Divorce In Bollywood

by on September 5, 2021 0

You may have clearly heard of many grand weddings wherein hold going on in Bollywood, crores are spent in those grand weddings. Sadly, many marriages do now not final for lengthy. Quiet frequently we hear about breakups after affair and divorce after marriage in Bollywood.  but some celebrities had to pay a heavy fee...

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5 Youtube Vloggers to Follow

by on July 2, 2021 0

Hello everyone, today we will tell you best 5 Youtube channels to follow which are mix of daily vlogs, travel and auto specific. Mentioned below are the channels name and their youtube link! Explore The Unseen 2.0 – YouTube : This vlog is owned by Vikas Dayal who is professional banker and love to...

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Top 13 Kumauni Hit Songs 2021

by on June 22, 2021 0

Here are the list of top kumauni and pahari songs which is being played in every marriage function. 1: O Chori Kamla Kumauni  : Singer – Jitendra Singh Tomkyal 2: Kan me double jhumka  : Singer – Jagmohan Digari 3: Bol Heera Singer : inder arya 4: lehenga 2 Singer : Inder Arya, Jyoti...

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7 Blockbuster Hollywood sports movies of all time

by on May 11, 2020 0

In the entertainment industry, few blockbuster movies in Hollywood are released which thrills the audience like watching live matches in a stadium. Be it any sport, cheering for their favorite player or team and with millions of fans, is a different kind of feeling altogether. Some movies manage to create those nail-biting scenes which...

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