How to Use Zoom

Don’t Know How to Use Zoom? 6Tips To Be A Pro

By on June 4, 2020 0

Are you new to working from home? Or the online classes that your kids are supposed to take? Are you totally clueless on how to ace the Zoom game? You are at the right place, people.

Thanks to the lockdown, Zoom app is becoming the solution for all the virtual meetings. Though Zoom is similar to other video conferencing apps like Skype and FaceTime, not everyone is comfortable about it.


To make your first call smooth, we have listed below 6 tips. Read on!

  1. Good Lighting is A Must

Bad lighting means you looking bad. And we are sure, you don’t want that. Therefore, sit in a place where there is enough lighting. You can also dress a bit, comb your hair and choose a place that’s away from distractions to have a smooth call.

Pro Tip: Start the meeting with the video off. This will give you the time to adjust yourself on the screen and then appear on the video.

  1. Test The Audio

You must test your audio to ensure that people can hear you properly during the video call. The app asks for confirmation that you have heard a tone and then play the sample voice audio.

  1. Mute It Too!

Yes. Just because your voice sounds lovely on the app, doesn’t mean you have to keep your mic on. Zoom has a cool feature that lets you mute your mic when you are not speaking. It is an easy fix to avoid the background voice ruining the call. You can tap on the “MUTE” button on the screen and stay silent till it’s your turn to talk.

  1. Share the Screen

With yet another cool feature, the hosts can share things like documents, videos, excels or anything from their systems to other participants on the call. If you are the one hosting the video call, there is a ‘share button’ on the bottom. Just click on that and choose the program you need to share. That’s it!

  1. Record The Call

Quite easy to use, just click on the record option and the meeting will be archived. After the call, Zoom will automatically download the archived file for your use. This can be best for keeping a track of what went during the video conferencing call. If you are a parent, zoom recording can help in revising the chapter for your child.

  1. Give Your Reactions

The app also lets you reply trough text messages and emojis just like Instagram and WhatsApp. There are icons like thumbs up, applause, smiley to send your reactions on the ongoing conversation on the video call without needing to unmute yourself.

Interestingly, there is also a private message options where the participants can talk to each other without letting the host know.

Well, that’s the Zoom guide for today. If you wish to learn more about the app and its tricks, keep browsing YourFeed! All the best for your call.