How to make money using Credit Cards

How to make money using Credit Cards

By on November 9, 2021 0

Often money is spent through credit cards, but how do i use credit card to earn money, we will get to know in this article.

What is a credit card good or bad?

Lets start with the disadvantages of credit card

A credit card is not good because it gives you an illusion that you have money, whereas you dont have money. And then the second big thing that happens with credit cards is, the unbelievably high interest rates which is approx. 35-40% annually!

The third trap which credit card lay down is, minimum amount due!

But credit card can be a very fascinating thing if you play it smartly. First of all, if you use a credit card and make the payments on time in full, then your credit history gets build up. The most important consideration for this is, that you will use the credit card for that much amount only which you already have. Second, points are accrued, you get lot of privileges and perks. These points converted into small things like amazon gift vouchers, or if you have lot of points then hotel vouchers etc

Third and most important thing is that you get a free credit period of 30-45 days.