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If you like earthenware dishes, here are 5 amazing recipes to make them

By on September 19, 2022 0

Pottery has been an integral part of Indian culture from the very beginning, but in modern times, it has disappeared from almost every household, Now in some houses an earthen pot is seen in the name of an earthen pot.

These utensils are of the latest steel, Earthen pots have many health benefits, but they not only help in maintaining the nutritional value of food but also bring in new clover.

1. Add an Earth Flower
The soil is alkaline in nature, so when we cook food, they add a new flavour to it.

2. Ads More Nutrients
They not only enhance the taste of food but also add some nutrients. they contain iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Minerals like magnesium add up. These utensils have small non – visible holes, Therefore, they distribute heat and moisture evenly throughout their cooking, thus maintaining nutrition of the food.

3.Neutralize the pH level
The alkaline nature of the earthen pots reacts with the acid in your food and balances its pH level, thus making the food healthier.

4.Better for your heart
It is better to use less oil while cooking as it retains the moisture and natural oil present in the food, which is also good for the heart.

5.Pocket friendly
Pottery is easily available all over the country and at low prices, so you won’t even have the fear of having holes in your pocket to buy them.

It is possible to cook food in the pot every day, sometimes on holidays.