Are you tired of the constant buzz around cookieless browsing, 3rd party cookies, and privacy sandbox solutions?

By on April 13, 2024 0

Did you Know :

🚫 Over ~40% of internet traffic is already cookie-less (thanks to Safari and Firefox).
🚫 ~32% of internet users have #adblockers installed.
🚫 Major channels like CTV, OTT, AUDIO, and DOOH are already cookie-less.
🚫 The reliability and accuracy of remaining #3rdparty cookie impressions are already too questionable to even think of planning, targeting or building your brands on
🚫 Even within these impressions, hitting 60-70% of your targets is a challenge.

So why the fuss?

We’re already living in a cookie-less world. Users are gravitating towards platforms that respect their #privacy. They’re using tools to evade tracking and targeted advertising.

Why then, are we scrambling to replicate 3rd party cookies to reach these #privacyconscious users? Why not embrace the change, adapt, and create newer, safer, and privacy-compliant methods of engagement?

Do we truly need #cookies at all? Or is it time to innovate beyond them, catering to users on their terms?

Why do we want to build something with a selfish aim to help the Ad tech ecosystem to monetize impressions in the name of creating a Pseudo Privacy centric solution? You can never balance the two and do justice!

I feel monetization can still happen without them but we need to unlearn and adapt quickly.

Do you really need to replicate 3rd Party Cookies?

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