Fight Coronavirus With Easy-To-Make Masks (No Sewing Required!)

By on April 15, 2020 0

With the cases of corona virus rising every day, April is indeed becoming a cruel month for all. The work from homes, the jobs lost, the bored students and panicked poor – it’s getting difficult to imagine a better life after the lockdown. coronavirus mask.jpg

But then again, all you can do right now is stay home and be safe. You must have heard it hundreds of time that washing hands, keeping social distance and covering face is all you need to do now. But what not many are telling is how to get the resources?

While you can easily clean your hands with any soap even if you do not have a hand sanitizer, what will you do about the masks when even the medical staff is facing a shortage?  Well, guess what! You can make your own mask now and that too without sewing!

Now, there are two ways to make a mask at home with no sew method as directed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Let’s begin with first one.

The First Method

  1. First take an old t-shirt and clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt from it. Measure 7-8 inches from the middle of the t-shirt and cut it.
  2. Now, from the piece you have cut, measure a 6-7 inches area from the middle and cut it carefully as shown in the figure below.
Source : CDC
  1. Now, removed the cloth and cut the strings.
  2. Use the strings to tie around the neck and over the head for proper placement over the mouth.

The Second Method

  1. Grab a coffee filter and cut it in a rectangular shape.
  2. Place the coffee filter in the center of a bandana or any 22″x 22″ square of cotton fabric.
  3. Now, fold the fabric from the top and bottom keeping the coffee filter in the center.
  4. Now place two rubber bands or hair ties at the ends of the fabric.
  5. Tuck one end of the fabric to the middle as shown in the picture.

Source : CDC

6. Adjust the hair ties as per your face and your mask is ready!

Things to Remember

  • When making a mask, make sure that the fabric is 100% cotton and the fabric is closely knit.
  • Wash the masks regularly.
  • You can also use metal pieces like clips or shoelaces to secure the mask so that it completely covers your face.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now, do not worry about the masks and make more for everyone at home. However, don’t forget the social distancing and make sure you clean the masks and dispose them carefully to avoid the spread of any virus.

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