A Reminder of Your Worthiness

By on September 4, 2020 0

Hi my dear friends,

I hope that whatever this week has brought you, you can find some happiness and relief here today! This week I want to dive in to the topic of worthiness, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about and dissecting a lot in my life personally, and as we all know, when I learn things, I must share with you, too.

It is my hope that this blog today can serve as a little loving reminder that despite everything that is happening in the world, you are worthy of your hopes, dreams, goals and wishes. There is nothing that you have to do, say, or accomplish to be and feel worthy; you just simply are.

That sentence may have felt hard to believe or even imagine being true in a “normal” period of time, let alone global upheaval, but I promise you, it’s true. Of course, life has not gone the way any of us had planned over the past seven months, we’ve all had to make major life changes, adjust to devastating new normals, and try to find a sense of balance, stability, and meaning in a time that feels anything but. With all of this being painfully true, your worthiness lies intact, and I hope when you read that, you could take that in, and feel it in your bones as truth.

I used to think that worthiness was a prize doled out to the ones who did the most good, or who were the most perfect, the real high achievers. I used to act from a belief that if I could be as perfect as possible, I would then be worthy of my desires, and then all the good things would come to me. This mindset had me going round and round for years, like a hamster on a wheel. Do good, expect good; do bad, expect bad. It’s an exhausting and truthfully, manipulative way to live life.

Events from this past year, in my personal life, brought these beliefs to the surface for me and forced me to reconcile them. I made some pretty large errors in judgment that caused me uncomfortable consequences. Operating from my cause and effect mindset, I agonized over the belief that because I had made mistakes, meant that I was somehow, lesser of a person, and therefore less deserving of good things in life. Believing that you are undeserving of life and your goals and dreams, is a very grim way to live life. And I felt that deeply.

Rather than continuing to operate from this limiting mindset, I decided that enough was enough. I started to open up to the possibility that being worthy has nothing to do with the things that happen in life, but rather an unwavering quality that lives within us all, no matter what.

There is nothing that you have to do or achieve or accomplish to be worthy. It is your birthright to feel worthy in every moment of your life, and ultimately have the life of your dreams, but it is also your responsibility to uncover and break down the barriers and beliefs you have put in place blocking it.

Can you take in and fully own the fact that you are worthy, despite any misfortunes, mistakes, and bumps in your path? You are worthy regardless of anything and anyone else. Release the need to compare, to judge, and to worry, and start mustering up that confident energy of unwavering worthiness.

We are all here, living in this moment for a reason. We are all worthy, all the time. Please remember that.

xo, Michelle

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