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How To Preserve Food During Zombie Apocalypse (Or COVID-19 Outbreak)

By on April 25, 2020 0

There is no point in saying that what if a Zombie apocalypse starts in the world, how are we going to survive then. We are almost in the same situation, except that in the current situation, we can’t even see the little Zombies that are coming our way.

People are fighting the little Zombies in their own different way. Except for one common thing; hoarding food. Every time Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes on television, people start running out of their homes to buy tons of food and hoard it in their store. But is hoarding the right solution? What about the food that gets wasted in the process?

Feel guilt no more. We are here to teach you a lesson on Stocking 101; How to preserve food in hard times. There you go;

Purchase Food That Lasts Longer:


Yeah, yeah, it’s the most obvious thing. But still, we need to make sure it is the first lesson in Stocking 101 class.

There are a number of foods that last longer without the need of any special attention. Like Potatoes, Onion, Garlic, Apples, Peppers, etc. If you can, fill the majority part of your stock with these food items.

Blanching And Freezing:


Green vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, peas, and french beans can be preserved by a method known as blanching. What you have to do in it is processing the food, boiling it, and then freezing it until next use.

The processing part is different for every food. Like, broccoli is supposed to be chopped into small florets, while the peas are supposed to be peeled. And the french beans; you gotta chop them as if they are your arch enemies.

After processing, the boils should last 30 minutes, and then water shall be soaked off before freezing the vegetables. When you want to use those veggies, simply defreeze and use them.

Fruit Juices:


Who cares about green vegetables (except our intestines)? The real fun is fruits.

One easy way to preserve fruits is to take out their pulp or just ooze their juice out and then freeze the substance into an ice tray. When you want to drink the juice, just take out the ice cubes and defreeze it back to the juice.

You can also use the pulp and juice to make fruit popsicles. Just add a pinch of Jaifal powder and sugar as per taste before freezing the juice.

If you want us to write more about life hacks during the times of Coronavirus, tell us in the comment section.

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