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Tips to get your own haircut at home

by on May 14, 2020 0
According to current scenario getting a haircut at your preferred salon is next to impossible. This reaction is due to Covid-19 pandemic, Central and State Governments have mandated for the temporary closures of the grooming salons across Pan India. In this situation what one needs to do for their overgrown and unshaped havocs? We... Read More

Want to Safeguard yourself from Coronavirus, Follow these tips

by on April 27, 2020 0
While entire world is fighting strongly against coronavirus (covid-19), we at yourfeed.in would like to re-iterate some basic step which will help us to safeguard against this deadly disease. First, let us find out how Coronavirus spreads:- According to WHO, COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or... Read More

#QuarantinePillowChallenge Brings The Best of Pillows!

by on April 10, 2020 0
From the poopchallenge and UntilTomorrow to Dalgona coffee, people are really coming up with weirdly creative ideas to beat the boredom in the times of corona virus lockdown. The new entrant in the list is now the #QuarantinePillowChallenge that’s taking the social media platforms by storm. via GIPHY But what exactly is this challenge?... Read More