उत्तराखंड: बागेश्वर के सरकारी स्कूल में छात्रों ने किया हंगामा, संदिग्ध सामूहिक हत् या में सिर फोड़ा, वीडियो हुआ वायरल

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उत्तरखंड के बागेश्वर जिले से मिली एक रहस्यमयी घटनाक्रम में एक सरकारी स्कूल के छात्र संदिग्ध सामूहिक उन्माद के एक मामले में चिल्लाते, रोते और सिर पीटते हुए पाए गए। इस घटना से अभिभावकों के साथ-साथ अधिकारियों में भी चिंता व्याप्त हो गई है। इस घटना को मोबाइल कैमरे में रिकॉर्ड किया गया और...

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पहाड़ी बेडू फल का स्वाद अब लोग घर बैठे बैठे ले पाएंगे, जानिये इसको खाने के फायदे

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‘बेड़ू पाको बारा मासा’ गाना यह उत्तराखंड का बहुत ही फेमस सांग है, जिसका मतलब है कि बेड़ू ऐसा फल है जो पहाड़ों में 12 महीने पकता है. बेड़ू उत्तराखंड के पहाड़ी इलाकों में पाया जाने वाला जंगली फल है, जिसे पहाड़ी अंजीर भी कहते हैं. उत्तराखंड के पिथौरागढ़ के जिलाधिकारी डॉ. आशीष चौहान...

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भवाली-अल्मोड़ा हाईवे स्थित रातीघाट के पास कैंटर के नीचे आने से युवक की मौत

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गरमपानी (नैनीताल)। भवाली-अल्मोड़ा हाईवे स्थित रातीघाट के पास बुधवार शाम 7:30 बजे रसोई गैस से भरे कैंटर की चपेट में आने से पैदल चल रहे युवक की मौत हो गई। वहीं घटना के बाद कैंटर छोड़कर चालक फरार हो गया। पुलिस के अनुसार रसोई गैस से भरे कैंटर के पिछले टायर की चपेट में...

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2 million active subscribers on Airtel Xstream

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Airtel Xstream Premium, an app which has combined video content from 15 Indian and global video OTT players in single app. There are 10,500 movies & shows listed under one app which can be accessible for all users, these movies and shows are from : SonyLIV, ErosNow, Lionsgate Play, Hoichoi, ManoramaMax, Shemaroo, Ultra, HungamaPlay,...

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INDMoney: Your personal CFO

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Before beginning, On a daily basis, I use a lot of products, starting from an electric truth brush in the morning to Alexa at the night to put sleep sounds for better sleep. A typical day includes using various kinds of products like Phones, laptops, Smart bands, wireless earphones, different types of software and...

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CNG price hiked by INR 2 Rs in Delhi NCR

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Driving is becoming costlier due to fuel inflation The Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has hiked the price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by Rs 2 per kg in Delhi-NCR, with effect from 15th May’2022 at 6 am. With the latest hike, CNG is now priced at Rs 73.61 per kg in Delhi, Rs 76.17...

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CNG price in Delhi today

by on May 12, 2022 1

Today’s CNG price in Delhi (Delhi) is Rs. 73.61 per Kg. Last change in Delhi cng price was on May 15th 2022 and it was increased by +30.21 rupees. In addition, we bring you the most recent cng price changes in Delhi city. The cng price is inclusive of Delhi state taxes. Date Price...

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Should you buy OnePlus 10 Pro 5G?

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OnePlus has yet again launched its first flagship for the year 2022 i.e., OnePlus 10 Pro 5G last month itself. The Chinese smartphone maker has been busy with multiple launches across various segments. It’s a cheaper flagship which is an alternative to big brands such as Samsung and Google in the Android segment. In...

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5 summers must have makeup

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Summer is synonymous with being sweaty and lots of humidity. So here are some must-have essential makeup products that will look you fresh as daisy. 1: An oil free moisturizer for a nongreasy and fresh look. 2: BB cream with SPF – It will give you UV protection as well as the needed makeup...

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Is home automation the way to go?

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Home automation made today’s science fiction of the past. What one was thinking was just an idea that couldn’t be done without today on the pages of a book or a film for some decades. The touch-screen technology is a fine example of this. About a decade or so ago, no one would have...

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Investing tips for your rental property

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Do you have difficulties renting your property for some time? Look around again to see if you take anything for granted, but it cannot escape others ‘ notice. If necessary, you can take a friend and ask him to make a tour for you. Here are the top locations that hide the problems and...

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