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Want to keep your car Theft-Proof? Try these 8 anti-theft Accessories

By on June 19, 2021 0

These days, many interesting features are coming within the car which protects it from theft. However, there’s no guarantee that the car are going to be fully protected. Post, theft claiming insurance is another very tedious process. So, prevention is usually better than cure. during this context, Lets read below how these 8 simple ways to prevent your car from being stolen.

Steering Wheel Lock:
Starting from INR 600, these locks are available during a sort of designs and stop the steering from turning. Some advanced steering locks also get the feature of alarm, as soon as someone tries to work the steering, the alarm will make a sound.

Wheel Lock:
These locks are made from metal and are very strong, it’s not very easy to break or cut these. Especially, these are visible from outside the car. In such a situation, if a thief is thinking of stealing your car, then he might change his mind. It easily available online also as offline and starts from INR 1,000.

Paddle Lock:
Like the wheel , the pedal locks are wont to lock the accelerator and brakes. If it’s installed within the car, then no thief are going to be ready to steal your car easily. These locks will jam the accelerator and brake. These locks start from INR 700.

Hood Lock:
In many instances, when the thief is unable to steal the vehicle, he targets parts like the engine or the battery. In such a situation, hood locks can be very useful. If the vehicle has a hood lock, then the thief won’t be ready to open the hood of the vehicle even after making all efforts, thanks to which the battery, engine and other valuable parts of the vehicle are going to be safe. You can buy this lock under INR 500.

Gear Shift Lock:
A gear shift lock also protect the vehicle from theft. It locks the gear shifter completely. In such a situation, like the thief gets into the car and starts the engine, then the vehicle won’t be ready to move forward. Gear shift locks are very strong and aren’t very easy to break. These locks also start from INR 500.

Kill Switch:
This is a highly useful accessory. It is small device, also referred to as A battery disconnect switch. it’s to be installed in such an area within the car where it’s not easily visible. This switch connects on to the vehicle’s battery or fuel pump. If you switch this cut while the vehicle is parked, the vehicle’s battery or fuel pump gets disconnected.

Engine Immobilizer:
This accessory now comes in many vehicles by default from the company , however it’s not available in many old vehicles. If the vehicle has an engine immobilizer, then the vehicle won’t start with any key, it’ll start only with the first key. If let say thief gets a replica key made, he won’t be ready to start the car. there’s a contribute the first key of the car, which sends a sign to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) within the vehicle, without this signal the car won’t start in the least .

GPS Tracker:
Although, it’s a really conventional tool it’s still very useful. With its help, it becomes easy to find out a stolen vehicle. With its help, you’ll track the live location of the vehicle. Also, some features of the vehicle also can be controlled, like the engine are often turned on and off with the assistance of the app. With this, the live location, speed and mileage of the vehicle also can be tracked.

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